Float therapy is a new kind of therapy that is quickly catching on in places like spas.

But what is float therapy and how can it help you?

Float therapy goes by a number of different names to different people. If you are on the search for another method of healing and relaxation, you may also know float therapy as:

All of these terms are synonymous with the same type of therapy you are researching right now. Float therapy is a proven method that is often used by even NFL players themselves and there are incredible benefits associated with it.

Below we’ll talk about everything you need to know about float therapy and how it can benefit your lifestyle.


What is Float Therapy and How Does it Work?

Float therapy, more plainly put, consists of a person laying in a shallow tank of water to float.

Float therapy’s entire purpose is to help you relax and isolate yourself from the outside world, hence the terms sensory deprivation tank or isolation tank.

It’s important to note that all float pod experiences are incredibly different. One person will have a different experience than you and your experience is directly impacted by your ability to relax

What is Float Therapy and How It Can Benefit You


What’s in the Float Tank?

Do you ever wonder why you float so well in the ocean? It’s all that wonderful salt! However, the salt content in the ocean may not compare to the highly concentrated salt content you’ll find in a float pod.

Floatation tanks are filled with about 2 – 3 feet of water and mixed with 1,000 pounds of Epsom salts.

This unique mixture of water and salt provides an environment so buoyant, you float effortlessly for what’s called counter-gravity stimulation.

This method lifts any weight or tension you might be feeling in your body.

This kind of floating gives you a weightless feeling which by nature reduces any significant pain you might be feeling in your body. But that isn’t the only benefit.


What is a Float Pod Environment Like?

One of the other unique features of a float pod is the environment.

The pod or tank itself is designed to isolate you from the outside world. A float pod experience encourages you to:

    • Turn off your phone
    • Pay attention to your body
    • Disconnect from everything
    • Connect to yourself
    • Meditate
    • Relax

Float pods are also designed to match your body temperature. This feature also contributes to the weightless feeling mentioned earlier.

With the water matching your natural body temperature, you feel as if your body isn’t even there.

Music is provided in some float spas, however, it is recommended that you disconnect from mobile devices and float in silence for maximum effect!


How Long is a Float Tank Session?

In general, most places offer a variety of durations depending on what you are looking for.

At Massage Haven, and most other float spas, we offer the following durations:

    • 60 minutes
    • 90 minutes
    • 120 minutes

Not everyone will be able to float for the entire two hours. However, some absolutely love it!

If you are just starting your flotation journey, it’s best to start with a 60-minute session.


What Do I Wear In A Float Tank?

Naturally, we would be inclined to wear a swimsuit when outside of our home going to a pool, hot spring, or someone else’s hot tub. But it’s not the same for a sensory deprivation tank experience.

When experiencing a float tank, it’s recommended to float entirely naked.

Although it is recommended practice, you are not forced to float in your birthday suit. But there are reasons this is recommended.

Floating with a swimsuit, or any other kind of clothing can restrict your body, create tension, and created feeling and sensation in an environment where you are supposed to be deprived of your senses.

If you are constantly tugging at your clothes, trying to adjust something that is tight on your body, you are less likely to relax and get the most out of your float pod experience.


If I’m Floating Naked, Just How Clean is This Float Pod?

Proper float pod hygiene and maintenance are of the utmost importance to float pod owners.

After each float, the pod cycles through a filtration system to clean out any impurities.

Salinity is at 1.30 grams per cubic centimeter.


The solution is so high in saline that no living microorganism can survive in there. After each session, the entire volume of the solution is filtered through a three part filtration and sterilization system utilizing Ultra Violet light. UV is the safest most effective system available.


It maintains the water’s soft, clean and crystal-clear appearance. In addition, all clients are required to shower prior to entering the tank.

Beyond the normal filtration cycle that happens after each session, float pods are regularly treated (almost like a hot tub or swimming pool setting) to ensure the water stays clean.


The 11 Benefits of Float Therapy and Sensory Deprivation

The benefits of this unique therapy are absolutely outstanding. We are continually amazed by the results and the feedback from regular float pod users.

Even if you schedule one float pod session you’ll instantly notice improvements in your physical and mental states, which are necessary for your overall well-being.

Sensory deprivation tanks can:

    1. Improve circulation
    2. Increase peace and relaxation
    3. Relieve pain
    4. Reduce stress and anxiety
    5. Promote healthy sleep
    6. Improve creativity
    7. Improve connection to self
    8. Increase feelings of euphoria
    9. Improve immune function
    10. Promote healing (especially for athletes)
    11. Increase sensory acuity (reflexes)


Who Does Float Therapy Benefit?

Float pods are a nice alternative for someone who isn’t fond of massage therapy or other therapy practices.

Really, float therapy can benefit anybody. Some float pod users who might experience deeper benefits include:

    • People with frequent or chronic pain
    • Pregnant women
    • Athletes
    • Those with major injuries
    • People with busy schedules who need to slow down

If you are a person experiencing frequent tension or carry extra weight due to pregnancy, or even stress, float pods are incredibly beneficial.


5 Ways to Prepare For Your Float Pod Experience

What is Float Therapy and How It Can Benefit You

There are so many questions about float pods, so much so, that we have created an entire FAQ section to address these questions.

When you are preparing for your float pod experience, there are some things you should absolutely know beforehand.


1. Always Shower Before Your Float

Showering before your float is required before getting into the tank.

To accommodate the sensitive system and keep the tank ultra-clean, this will be a requirement for virtually any float spa you visit.

You will be required to wash your hair with shampoo and clean your body with soap.

Most float spas will have a shower on site and shampoo and body cleansers available to you.

It’s recommended you use what is provided to ensure the system is not compromised during your float.


2. Wear Earplugs

Wearing earplugs is always recommended when you float.

We recommend wearing earplugs for the following reasons:

    • Blocks outside noise
    • Prevents swimmers ear
    • Can help you relax and meditate

Once you shower, you can place the earplugs in and you’re good to go.

Earplugs are usually provided to anyone who has scheduled a float session.


3. Do Not Shave and Be Mindful of Cuts or Scrapes

Because of the high salt content, shaving is not recommended at least 24 hours before your float.

Salt can irritate any shaved areas and take away from the relaxing experience float tanks are intended for.

You will still be allowed to float if you shave, but you may not get the most out of your sensory deprivation experience.

If for some reason you got a cut or scrape, petroleum jelly is provided for you. Place some on your cut or scrape and it will act as a wet bandage.


4. Plan For At Least 2 Hours

Float pod experiences take some time and it’s best not to rush your experience. So we recommend blocking out ample time for your float pod experience.

Even if you are scheduled for a 60-minute session, you will still need to shower before and after your float.

Please note that after your float, you will feel increased relaxation. Try not to plan any extra activities or errands after your float so you have a chance to keep the relaxation going.


5. Hair Dyes, Extensions, and Tanning Lotions

For those who regularly use hair dyes, extensions, tanning lotions, and bronzers, you won’t be able to float.

Float pods are very sensitive systems and even the slightest chemical impurity can jeopardize the system.

If float pod users have dyed their hair, got extensions, or used bronzers and tanning lotions in the last 14 days, they won’t be able to float.

This is important to note before attending your scheduled float sessions. If you have scheduled an appointment for float therapy and used any of these products in the last 14 days, the spa may reschedule the appointment.

Replacing a float system can cost up to $2,500.


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